“One of the 50 greatest guitar books of all time.” -Shawn Persinger, The 50 Greatest Guitar Books

“A powerful study of the master of modern jazz guitar.” -Wolf Marshall, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“The ultimate study of Wes Montgomery’s music… Highly recommended.” -Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

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On March 25, 1965, guitarist Wes Montgomery led his quartet into London’s BBC studios to perform for the TV show Jazz 625. Already known to the jazz community as a groundbreaking guitarist, Wes was at the top of his form, and, seemingly effortlessly, recorded one of the greatest jazz performances ever captured on film.

625 Alive: The Wes Montgomery BBC Performance Transcribed
is the definitive transcription of the music created on that day. It contains all of Wes’ melodies and improvisations, including intros, solos, shout choruses and tags. Also included are a detailed harmonic and aesthetic analysis of each solo, insight in to Wes’ unique technique and fingering, and an interview with the band’s pianist, Harold Mabern.

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