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Thank you for this terrific review, “Git-crazy!”

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BUY THIS BOOK NOW!, March 16, 2012

Git-crazy (PDX) – This review is from: 625 Alive: The Wes Montgomery BBC Performance Transcribed (Paperback)

Tim Fitgerald has taken on a monumental task and succeeded in adding a new classic into the jazz guitar library. Wes Montgomery’s BBC performances are meticulously annotated and now available to everyone. An incredible book. A lifetime of study, yet you will gain insight into Wes’ phenomenal playing in just a few moments of effort. Every note is here. An amazing job of transcribing and a great reference. If you love Wes, you MUST get this book. Buy 2 and give one to a friend. Really, top notch ALL THE WAY. Buy it now, you will be glad you did!


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