What part of the book would you like to see sampled?

We’re going to be adding a sample page or two of the Wes Montgomery book to this website. What part of the book would you like to see here? Any particular tunes — Jingles, Full House, Twisted Blues, West Coast Blues?

I’d definitely like the sample to show the tabulature (TAB), since many people email to verify the book includes TAB as well as standard notation.

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  1. Jerome’s avatar

    Hi Tim

    I’d really like to see a sample head, one page of solo, and a page of analysis, not necessarily for the same song. Are the chords/changes to the songs written above the bars during the solo??

    Many thanks


  2. Tim Fitzgerald’s avatar

    Hi Jerome, thanks for the comment.

    I agree with you it would be good to see a head (melody) as well as a solo and analysis. The analysis pages in the book also have some great Wes photos and quotes, so I’ll be happy to include at least one of those pages.

    I’ll get that up as soon as possible.

    Also, yes, the chord changes are written above the bars for the solos as well as the heads.


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